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Nelson Gomez Castro Property Management Brisbane

Nelson Gomez Castro

Principal Licensee | Investor

07 2112 8489 | 0489 952 054

Property Management Agency Brisbane
Despina Gomez Castro Property Management Brisbane

Despina Gomez Castro

Co Founder | Property Investment Manager

07 2112 8490 

Nelson and Despina are the founders of House 11 Residential. Not only are they founders, they are also property investors and business partners. Nelson is the Principal Licensee who has over a decade of experience in property management and has worked for reputable real estates. Nelson and Despina manage Brisbane-based residential properties for national and international investors. Going by their industry experience and personal experiences as property investors, they are here to offer their services and their own personal experiences good and bad, to help fellow investors on their journey to grow their wealth through their investment.  

Nelson and Despina’s journey into property management was born from personal experience and interest. As renters, curiosity about the property market quickly took root. This fascination coupled with a lifelong dream of investing in property materialised when they acquired their first investment property in Sydney, followed by a couple in Brisbane. Despina's journey commenced at a young age purchasing her very first investment property in the suburbs of Brisbane. She continued her investment journey from there on.

However, the euphoria was short-lived. They were confronted by a property management system plagued by apathy and mediocrity. From property managers who did nothing more than collect rent, to dealing with poor presentation, evasive communication, and blatant disregard for property value, they felt the brunt of an industry in desperate need of change. An unforgettable personal episode where a treasured property in Sydney was mishandled, resulting in having to sell the asset, remains a poignant reminder of what's at stake.

But every cloud has a silver lining. These experiences paved the way for the creation of House 11. Run by the dedicated husband and wife team who understand the intricacies of property ownership, their mission is clear: Property Investors maximising Property Assets. They are driven by the need for genuine customer service, proactive management, and consistent communication. Their aim is not just to manage properties but it is also to nurture them, seeing opportunities for growth, minimising risks, and ensuring that every asset's potential is maximized.

For Nelson and Despina, the past isn't just a chapter gone by; it’s the foundation upon which House 11 stands. The WHY is rooted in lived experiences, the highs and lows, and the realization that in the world of property management, there's a pressing need for trust, respect, honesty, and unwavering commitment.

built onpersonal &professionalexperience

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