Property Management, it is not about having lots of properties on our books, for us at House 11 Residential is rather the long-term relationships we form over the years - Our goal is to deliver exceptional, high quality and consistent service.

*One point of contact *Available 24/7 *No staff turn over *Owner portal access 24/7 *Always informed about your property *Personalised service *Family-run and operated agency *No lock-in contract

What people say about us

Personalised service, Friendly and Responsive

Think personalised service, friendly and responsive staff who take a genuine interest in your property and tenants. It is so good to know that our property is in excellent hands, we have had a couple of things needing attention and Nelson has responded quickly and professionally. He also made sure we have great tenants. Very happy.

Lou - Landlord

Helpful, Excellent Service

This team helped me during a tough time. I had my Southside property with another agency but the management was not satisfactory. They promised they would look after my property but it was left a mess. Since then I found this agency who specialise in property management and what a difference with service! I have been with them for a few months now and they are true to their word. A very humble agency. Highly recommend, thumbs up to this team.

Leona - Landlord

Professional, Efficient, Helpful

Nelson was professional, efficient, and very helpful. Great service and highly recommended.

Philip - Tenant

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Nelson is the best property manager I have ever used! Fast, efficient, and fantastic attention to detail. His local knowledge is second to none and my tenants have nothing but praise for him. I highly recommend using Nelson if you are after a professional agent!

Tiana - Landlord

Quality & Proffessional

House 11 Residential is a great property management team to have. They are always clear, helpful and make every process very easy. They are also kind and understanding, particularly at times when things get difficult for us as tenants. Any tenant would be lucky to have House 11 Residential as their agency!

Jason - Tenant

Friendly, efficient!

Nelson was very helpful in renting out our house in West End, we had a VERY negative experience with the last agency (big franchise) and our experience with Nelson has given us faith in Property Management again. He was able to source us a new tenant within 3 days for $50 more per week than the other agency had it on for. We are over the moon.

Nay - Landlord

Excellent, prompt & reliable

It has been a pleasure to finally rent a property from honest property managers. Dealing with Nelson and Despina has been wonderful. They are open with their communications and reply promptly to emails. Maintenance is attended to in a timely manner. I will rent a property from them again in the future

Tracey - Tenant

Very professional

We changed management as we were not satisfied with the service of our previous property manager. This team moved over my investment property without any issues. Very professional yet down to earth. Their enthusiasm and interest in maintaining my property speaks volumes. Highly recommend!

Jazmin - Landlord

Highly recommended

I met Nelson back in 2016, he is extremely knowledgeable about Property Management and very caring. He is a great property manager and would recommend him to anyone!

Jackie - Landlord

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    Transfering your property over to House 11 Residential

    Changing Real Estate Agencies during a Lease Term? – No Problem! Below are some main areas we focus on when you make the switch to House 11 Residential, which can be made at any point during a lease term without any hassle to you and your tenants: We make sure that your property is compliant, we check that the smoke alarms are compliant and that you are compliant with your required insu...

    Why choose House 11 Residential?

    Aren't all Property Managers the same? Property Managers are not all the same. There are many available but service levels vary and range from ordinary to exceptional. Keep in mind that it is important that you have a healthy professional relationship with your property manager to entrust them with your investment.  It is a long-term commitment between yourself and the property manager.&n...

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