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Tips for tenants to apply for rental properties

Things that tenants need to know about renting:

In today's rental market there is a higher demand for properties to rent and there is a shortage of properties to rent.

What does this mean if you are looking to rent a property? You will have to be thorough when applying for a rental property, make sure your application is filled out correctly, make sure you have all the supporting documents to go with your application, make sure you provide as much information as you can and plan on signing a long lease term once your application has been accepted as landlords are quick to pick a quality tenant. Good rental references from previous landlords and/or agencies are great to help your application.

Below are some tips for your consideration when applying for your net rental property:

  • Make sure the property you are looking to rent is suitable for you and your needs

  • If you have small children or small pets, you need to make sure the property is fully fenced and/or pets allowed

  • Is the property close to public transport, schools

  • Are you ready to physically view the property

  • Have your references ready so they can be checked for the landlord's consideration

With the rental market being so tight at the moment it is recommended for tenants to pre-apply for their next rental property.

Our fully trained and qualified property management team understands the legislative obligation of both landlords and tenants. We at House 11 Residential want to be your first stop when it comes to rental properties as every single tenant is treated with respect, integrity, and very important to us.

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