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Meaning of a Notice To Remedy Breach on a Tenant’s rental history

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As a tenant, you could receive a Notice To Remedy Breach for various reasons. Maybe you are going through a tough time financially and are not able to pay your rent or you might have had friends come over for a visit and caused some damage to the property or maybe you decided to have a pet at the property without the correct permission. Some common questions tenants have are, how significant is a Notice To Remedy Breach can affect my records and what can I do about it?

So, if you are issued a Notice To remedy Breach; this is because you are in breach of some part(s) of the General Tenancy Agreement (The Lease). On most occasions, your property manager or landlord should have a discussion with you to try to come up with a plan before the Notice To Remedy Breach is issued to you. For instance, that plan could be that all parties agree to enter a payment plan so you as a tenant can catch up with your rent payments and fix the tenant's rental history.

A Notice To Remedy Breach advises the receiving party that they are in breach of any part of the General Tenancy Agreement and that breach must be remedied before the expiring of the Notice To Remedy Breach to avoid further action. Should this Notice To Remedy Breach is not remedied, the party who issued it may take further action by issuing a Notice To Leave to end the tenancy.

If you receive a Notice To Remedy Breach, you should:

The first thing is to have a chat with the party who issued you the Notice To Remedy Breach and commit to having the breach notice remedied as soon as possible. Sometimes the Notice To Remedy Breach can be retracted because it was issued by mistake. The more you do to make sure you don’t breach any terms of your General Tenancy Agreement; you will have peace of mind and a great rental history when applying for new rentals.

So how does a Notice To Remedy Breach affect my rental history?

When you are renting through a Real Estate Agency, a Notice To Remedy Breach will be in your tenant file even if you have remedied a breach as they make part of your rental history. Most agencies and landlords will do some reference checks before approving you for a rental property and those breach notices will come up in the rental reference. Property Managers and landlords will be more attracted to someone with no breach notices on their rental history.

How does a Property Manager obtain a rental reference?

You might be thinking – What if I just don’t list my previous agency on my rental application? Well, that is a big red flag for any agency. As you fill out and sign off your rental application form, you are allowing the property manager to do the necessary checks. The agent will contact the referees you have listed on your rental application to verify the information you have provided is correct and that you are a suitable person to rent the property. Property managers have many ways of finding out your previous address as well as the agent that manages that property to get that rental reference. You could find yourself in a very sticky situation if you don’t provide this very important information as your chances of getting approved for a rental property are very low.

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