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Cleaning tips to get your full bond back

Cleaning Tips To Get Your Full Bond Back

The end of lease cleaning can be more very stressful when vacating a rental property. From moving all your furniture to packing all belonging, you would need to manage everything on your own. On top of that you will also need to make sure that the leased property is in pristine condition during the final inspection of your real estate agent or landlord.

Many tenants lose their bond money due to returning the property to your agent or landlord, not at an end of lease cleaning standard. If you are a tenant and want your full bond back, then focus on making sure the property is cleaned when handing back the keys to the agent or landlord.

It is the tenants’ responsibility to maintain the property and remove all the dust, dirt, stains, grease, grime, mould from each and every corner of the property.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to clean according to the REIQ-standards due to the amount of time you as a tenant have on your hands, and that is why we strongly recommend professional assistance for a thorough end of lease cleaning. They have all the necessary tools and products to get the job done stress-free for you.

If you prefer not to hire professional end of lease cleaners, then take a look at the end of lease cleaning tips so you can get your full bond back.

Cleaning Checklist

Property managers or agents follow the Entry Condition Report during their final inspection. Professional end of lease cleaners also follow the REIQ-approved checklist to pass the final property inspection.

So, create your complete end of lease cleaning checklist or ask your property manager or agent to send you one and make sure those areas that need to be repaired or have been stained get a lot of attention. Those may need a handyman’s expertise.

The checklist will assist you to clean the property from top to bottom while keeping you on track.

Necessary Cleaning Tools

Cleaning a property (house, unit, apartment, townhouse, studio) is not an easy task. You need the right set of equipment and products to clean the carpets, countertops, oven, stove, range-hood, A/C filters, floors, bathroom, walls and so much more. Some of the equipment you need are mop and bucket, cleaning brushes, broom, microfiber cloth, sponges, vacuum cleaner, toilet brush and leaner, all-purpose-cleaning agent (White Vinegar, Baking Soda and Warm Water), magic erasers just to name a few.

Don’t Forget Light Fittings & Fixtures

Light switches, light bulbs and ceiling fans are the most overlooked areas when it comes to performing end of lease cleaning. Landlords and property managers pay close attention to these areas, so make sure to remove dust, dirt and grime using a clean microfiber cloth. For tough stains, you can use an all-purpose cleaner and wipe off the surface.

The Bathroom

Soap scum from shower screens and tiles, calcium build-up and rust stains mould all need to be treated before the final inspection. Make sure to also clean walls, tiles, showerhead, glass door, bathtub, floors, faucets, sink, exhaust fan and toilet seat.

Window Cleaning

The majority of tenants forget to clean the windows at the end of the lease cleaning process. Make sure you remove all the dirt, dust, and debris from the glass then you can apply vinegar and hot water solution on the window glass to make it sparkling clean. You can use a squeegee to clean the window glass from top to bottom. You will also need to clean windowsills, frames, edges, and blinds.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and other floor coverings are in need of regular cleaning and maintenance, especially in heavy traffic areas. Give your carpets a refreshed look by vacuuming and steam cleaning them.

Vacuuming is important as it removes dust, food particles, pet hair and other hidden particles that are accumulated deep inside the fibres of the carpet. Steam cleaning the carpet helps get rid of stains, spills, and odours without any damage.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the dirtiest area in a property. Agents and landlords keep a close watch on the kitchen sink, countertops, cupboards, stovetop, oven, range-hood and its filters.

Make sure to clean any stubborn stains, built-up grease from all different surfaces in the kitchen. Follow the checklist to help you with the cleaning process.

The Final Say

If this all sounds too daunting or you simply haven’t got the time, hire a reputable cleaning professional. Many offer Bond Back Guarantees, whereby the cleaners will return for free to the property to fix any areas not passed by the agent or landlord.

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