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Transferring your property over to House 11 Residential

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Changing Real Estate Agencies during a Lease Term? – No Problem!

Below are some main areas we focus on when you make the switch to House 11 Residential, which can be made at any point during a lease term without any hassle to you and your tenants:

We make sure that your property is compliant, we check that the smoke alarms are compliant and that you are compliant with your required insurance. We look into general maintenance to be sure that you as the owner are covered from a safety perspective.

We make sure that your tenants are happy. This is very important because if your tenants are satisfied and happy, they will look after your property as if it were their own. We will organise to meet the tenants and walk through the property to make sure there are no issues outstanding from the previous agency.

We check the current General Lease Agreement and the tenant’s ledger to ensure that you as the property owner have the necessary protection and the tenants are meeting their rental obligations as per the General Lease Agreement. Switching agencies in the middle of the lease term will not affect your payments as we contact the tenants to make them aware of the change to allow the rental payments to continue as per normal.

We also make sure that the property has a valid water compliance certificate and that your tenants are being charged accordingly for their water usage. These water usage charges to the tenants are a great saving tool for you as the property owner. We look into all invoices to see if these are paid off or if there are any outstanding invoices. If so, we communicate with the tenants so they can make payment as soon as possible.

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