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Are you prepared for this storm season?

Severe storms impact Queensland everywhere they are so often unpredictable and can hit at any time of the year causing very serious injury and/or major damage to properties. It is so important to be prepared at any time for your family and property safety. During storm season, it is crucial to protect your family and home from the high winds, hail, lightning, and the possibility of fl­ash fl­ooding. Hail and lightning can injure people and damage property. High winds could be damaging as they can bring down trees, branches, power poles & lines, remove roofs, and blow around any unsecured outdoor items such as tables, chairs, BBQs. Indirectly, you may also be affected by storms; as access to roads may be blocked, you may have no electricity or phone connection. We strongly recommend that you prepared now, so you will have a plan and will know what to do when there is a storm.

House 11 Residential have some tips so you are prepared before a storm:

  • Ensure your evacuation plan is up to date and all household members are aware of it

  • Report any maintenance concerns to us (damaged gutters, roof leaks, overgrown trees)

  • Prepare an emergency kit (torch, mobile phone, mobile & car charger, candles)

  • Ensure common areas remain clean, limiting potential debris and allowing a safe emergency exit path

  • Check drainage is clear and flowing, particularly for low lying areas and basements

  • Very important to check your contents insurance because landlord insurance does not cover your personal contents.

  • Register for your local early warning weather and emergency alerts with your local Council

  • Download the SES app for emergency assistance during storms

In case that a storm hits:

  • Stay clear of windows, avoid contact with metal items like water taps, downpipes, roofs, guttering in case of lightning strikes.

  • Make sure all outside items around your home and balcony are secured as they could cause damage if blown away.

  • Disconnect all electrical appliances like computers, televisions, chargers, toasters, etc before a storm.

  • Make sure your car is parked under a secure cover away from trees, powerlines, and drains.

  • You must stay aware of weather condition reports and evacuation notices

  • When the storm ends please avoid flooded areas, do not touch any fallen power lines, and assess any damages. Notify us of any damage as soon as possible via email with photos of the damage.

  • Taking these safety measures now could minimize damage and financial loss. It also helps to keep you, your family, and your neighbours safe.

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